Introduction to the pain experience (3 modules)

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An in depth introduction into the 'whole person' pain experience from world class authors.

Introdcution to the pain experience includes access to the three modules listed below:

Module 1: Making an effective pain diagnosis: a whole person approach
Understand the importance of a whole person approach to pain assessment, including awareness of important pathophysiological pathways and the complexities underlying pain experiences. Learn more »

Module 2: The impact and management of psychological factors in pain
Recognise patients at risk for long-term distress and disability. Develop a management plan for psychosocial comorbidities in patients with chronic pain. Learn more »

Module 3: A whole person approach to chronic pain
Comprehensively assess and manage complex chronic pain presentations. Educate patients about multidisciplinary pain management. Learn more »

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Price: AUD $104.50