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Learn cutting edge skills and knowledge that you can use in your daily practice. 

The Faculty of Pain Medicine (FPM), Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, is committed to pain management education solutions for health professionals. FPM specialist clinicians have created individual study modules and course packages for medical practitioners, specialists, students, nurses and allied health professionals who manage patients living with persistent pain.

Using a sociopsychobiomedical model approach to the pain experience, Better Pain Management will enhance your patient assessment and evaluation techniques which, if appropriate, are critical for effective pain management planning and prescribing. The program includes resources on how to develop an improved pain recognition and decision-making process with a range of practical case study exercises and demonstrations. Doctor/patient consultation videos will help you learn genuine patient-centric communication skills and how to educate those in your care in a multi-disciplinary healthcare setting. Each module includes unique interactive learning content and assessment tools, scientific animations and post-module self-assessment exercises.

Choose from three, six or 12-module pre-set courses, or personalise your own study package by selecting module options that best suit your own needs. All Better Pain Management modules are also available for individual purchase.

Learning is completely self-directed and self-paced. Modules can be completed in about one hour, and may be used for continuing professional development application.

Featured Courses

Better Pain Management Program (All 12 modules)
The complete 12-module Better Pain Management package delivers an interactive and patient-centric approach to non-malignant chronic pain management. Develop a multi-disciplinary style in the assessment, diagnosis, and management of those experiencing persistent pain. Comprehensive and engaging study designed for health professionals. $315.00 + GST
AUD $315.00
Understanding the pain experience (3 modules)
The first steps in understanding a contemporary approach to the 'whole person' when assessing pain and pathological pathways. Recognize patients at risk for long-term distress and disability, and generate pain management plans for those with chronic pain. Learn how to educate patients about multidisciplinary pain management from world-leading experts in this field. $95.00 + GST
AUD $95.00
Personalise your own 6-module Better Pain Management package
Your 6-module study elective contains essential multi-disciplinary learning options that YOU want. Further improve your management of both common and specific pain conditions and achieve better health outcomes for patients experiencing persistent pain. Simply click 'Buy Now' and then select any 6 modules from the Better Pain Management e-learning library. $165.00 + GST
AUD $165.00 Buy Now
Assessment and Opioid Prescribing (3 Modules)
Ready to improve the pain assessment and opioid prescribing decision for your patients? Better understand the pathophysiological mechanisms of pain for the right pharmacological treatment – matching drug therapies with the underlying causative mechanisms of pain. Innovative tools to help recognise opioid dependence and develop skills for managing problematic use. $95.00 + GST
AUD $95.00