Better Pain Prescribing. Clarity and confidence in opioid management: 6 module package

Price: AUD $181.50

Ready to help provide safer pain management options for one in five Australians currently living in pain?

This 6-module course designed by specialist pain management clinicians will help you more effectively manage all types and levels of pain for those under your care.

The course will show you how to accurately diagnose and assess pain presentations, then effectively create individual treatment plans – minimising risks that hospitalise an increasing number of Australians who have been prescribed opioids. 

 With interactive case studies, doctor/patient videos and learning assessments, this self-paced specialist pain management course provides:

An introduction to a ‘whole person’ approach when diagnosing pain, together with important psychological factors when treating those under primary care.

A comprehensive understanding of a sociopsychobiomedical model of patient care, along with skills for initiating effective pain management strategies and treatment plans.

Clinically-responsible prescribing techniques for patients who present with conditions that are sometimes unresponsive to non-opioid analgesics.

Effective, and alternative non-pharmacological therapies and the optimisation of non- opioid medicines.

Risk-assessment tools that will assist in recognizing complex pain management needs critical for use prior to commencing opioid therapy

Those successfully completing this course may apply for CPD credit points.

Modules include:

Module 1: Making an effective pain diagnosis: a whole person approach

Module 2:The impact and management of psychological factors in pain

Module 3: A whole person approach to chronic pain

Module 6: Opioids in pain management

Module 7: Pharmacology of pain medicine

Module 11: High-dose problematic opioid use

Price: AUD $181.50