Understanding pain-related procedures
Uncover and understand the indications for interventional procedures used in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain. Commonly performed management procedures for pain reduction are explained in detail, and you will acquire skills for informing patients about these procedures - managing expectations of their efficacy. $35.00 + GST
AUD $35.00
High-dose problematic opioid use
Now a complex problem globally, FPM specialists help you recognise high-dose use and manage risk factors for addiction. Accurately describe the features and importance of 'aberrant behaviour' in patients on high dose opioid therapy, then develop skills for managing problematic use, particularly with vulnerable patients. $35.00 + GST
AUD $35.00
Pain in children
Effectively managing pain in children requires an in-depth knowledge of their pain physiology and wider social influences. Prevent and manage acute pain, common episodic or recurrent pain problems. Improve your practice by identifying the consequences of pain during development from premature infants to adolescents. Learn more! $35.00 + GST
AUD $35.00

Better Pain Management is an initiative of the Faculty of Pain Medicine of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists.