BPM Extended Practice in Pain Management (Modules 7 – 12)

Price: AUD $181.50

The BPM Complete Program includes access to all the modules listed below:

Module 7: Pharmacology of pain medicine

Develop an understanding of analgesic medications and mechanisms present in chronic pain to drive rational prescribing. Learn more »

Module 8: Non-joint musculoskeletal pains
Explore less understood causes of chronic musculoskeletal pain. Learn more »

Module 9: Post-discharge acute pain management
Learn about current evidence and best practice in the management of post-surgical acute pain in the community. Learn more »

Module 10: Understanding pain-related procedures
Commonly performed procedures for pain reduction explained in detail. Learn more »

Module 11: High-dose problematic opioid use
Unravel this complex problem by understanding the influences that drive high opioid use within vulnerable patients. Learn more »

Module 12: Pain in children
Appreciate the differences between adult pain and acute and chronic pain in children to improve your practice.
Learn more »

Go beyond the essentials of pain management to better understand chronic pain management and treatment, acute post-surgical pain and pain related procedures, problematic high-dose opioid use and pain in children.

Price: AUD $181.50

Better Pain Management is an initiative of the Faculty of Pain Medicine of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists.